Puck International Festival
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1 tickhet: 10 LEI

I.C. Bratianu street, no. 23
40079 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
tel/fax: 004 0264 595 992

Manager Emanuel Petran



“Puck” Puppet Theater from Cluj-Napoca was founded in 1950 having from the very beginning two departments: Romanian and Hungarian and most of the performances are addressed to children.

The history of “Puck” Puppet Theatre was written by artistic personalities such as:  Kovacs Ildiko, Aureliu Manea, Dan Vasile, Tudor Chirilã, Mona Chirilã, Maria Mierlut, Varga Ibolya, Rumi Laszlo, Paly Ianos, Bogdan Ulmu, Alina Hiristea - artistic directors, Alexandru Rusan, Edit Botar, Virgil Svintiu, Eugenia Tãrãsescu Jianu, Epaminonda Tiotiu - designers,  actors such as Horea Pop and Péter János, Doina Dejica, Frunzina Anghel, Bothos Julia, Csortán Márton, György László, Dana Bontidean,  Calin Muresan.

Reference shows in the repertoire of “Puck” Theater: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ubu the King, Widow Karnyó, Sânziana and Pepelea, Animal Stories, Cinderella, The Puss in Boots, Endless Youth and Life without Death, Little Red Ridinghood, Whitesnow, The Reed Princess.

The most important prizes for the artists of “Puck” Theatre  are: the First prizes in “The Week of the Puppets” Festival in Bucharest for: “The  Fisherman’s Sons”and” Matthew  the Gooseherd”; 1968 - the Prize for the Art of the Show, in the Interantional Puppet Festival in Zagreb; interpretation prizes for the actors:  Doina Dejica, Frunzina Anghel, Dana Bonţidean, Camelia Constantin, Cãlin Mureşn, Ovidiu Crişan in national and international festivals; - debut prizes for artistic directors for: Varga Ibolya, Decebal Marin, Alina Hiristea, Hathazi Andras at “Gulliver” Festival in Galati;  2003 -The Great Prize at “Puck-Animafest” in Cluj-Napoca for the performance “The Witch’s Tom Cat”,  directed by  Decebal Marin, design: Sandu Marian; 2004 - a prize for the most original performance for “Cinderella”, directed by Mona Chirilã at Guguţa Festival - Chişinãu; 2005 - the Prize for the Art of Animation at “Valise” Festival  in Lomza Poland for “The Witch’s Tom Cat”;  the Prize for the design of the performance “The Wizard and the Raven”,  directed by Mona Chirilã, design Eugenia Tãrãşescu Jianu - at “Puck” International Festival, the Great prize for “The Wizard and the Raven” at the International Puppet Festival in Pecs, Hungary.

Since 2006 Puck Theatre is running a program of performances for adults, using the means of puppetry in experimental performances: Old Clown for Hire, The Mirror Chamber, Bubocska, Ivan Turbinca etc.

Since 2002 “Puck” Theater is organizing the only Romanian international puppet festival in Romania at which important puppet theaters were invited from Romania and Europe are invited.

In October 2013 will be organized the 12th edition of THE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PUPPET AND MARIONETTE THEATRES “PUCK” with a valuable national and international   participation.